Red Sea tension caused by escalation in Palestine: Russia FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has described the perilous situation in the Red Sea, a strategic maritime route, as a result of the months-long conflict in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Lavrov and his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amirabdollahian exchanged views over some issues on the agenda of bilateral ties as well as regional developments including the latest situation in the Red Sea on the phone on Monday.

While calling the Tehran-Moscow ties excellent and friendly, Lavrov said the relations are strategic and Russia unconditionally respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iran, most notably its sovereignty over the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf.

The current situation in the Red Sea is the result of the escalation in Palestine that has also caused tension in the wider region and in other countries, the Russian diplomat stressed.

Amirabdollahian, for his part, stressed the determination of both countries to expand and bolster their ties and expressed hope that Tehran and Moscow would pursue the implementation of their previous agreements with seriousness.

The foreign minister referred to the important regional developments, especially the situation in the Gaza Strip, saying the continuation of the Zionist regime’s attacks against the enclave and the US’s meddlesome acts in the Red Sea will worsen the regional instability.

He stated the US seeks to militarize the Red Sea, adding Iran has no doubts that such acts will escalation the insecurity in the region.
The top Iranian diplomat described the attacks on Yemen as a “strategic mistake” on the part of the US.

In solidarity with the Palestinians in besieged territory, the Yemeni armed forces have targeted ships in the Red Sea with owners linked to Israel or those going to and from ports in the occupied territories.

In response, the US has formed a military coalition against Yemeni forces in the Red Sea and endangered maritime navigation in the strategic waterway.

The US and the UK, backed by Bahrain, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands, struck more than 60 targets at almost 30 locations in Yemen on Friday, killing five people and injuring six others.

On Saturday, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced that a “follow-on action” was conducted against a Yemeni radar facility in Sana’a by the Navy destroyer USS Carney using Tomahawk land attack missiles.

The assaults prompted Yemen’s Supreme Political Council to issue a statement, saying “all American-British interests have become legitimate targets”.

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