IFP Editorial Staff

Our editorial team brings together the most experienced and knowledgeable editors covering the latest news and views from Iran and other parts of the world.

To get in touch with any of the editorial staff, you can contact them either through their e-mail addresses written under their names or the office phone number +982177528888.

Mahmoud Askarieh
[email protected]

Abas Aslani
[email protected]

IFP World Editor - Emad Yazdi

World Editor:
Emad Askarieh
[email protected]

IFP Society Editor - Golrokh Askarieh

Society Editor:
Golrokh Askarieh
[email protected]

Hediyeh Abedi
[email protected]

Public Relations:
Sepideh Shakouri
[email protected]

Managing Editor:
Reza Khaasteh
[email protected] or @Khaaasteh

IFP Business Editor - Mahdi Arman

Business Editor:
Mahdi Arman
[email protected]

Science and Technology Editor - IFP News

Science & Technology Editor:
Hediyeh Lahiji
[email protected]

Hamed Adeli

Social Media:
Hamed Adeli
[email protected]

IFP English Editor - Nasser Namvar

English Editor:
Nasser Namvar
[email protected]

Art & Culture Editor:
Fatemeh Askarieh

[email protected]

IFP French Editor - Maryam Khaghani

Tourism Editor:
Maryam Khaghani
[email protected]

Pouya Asghari
[email protected]