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Iran Resumes flights to Azerbaijan and Armenia following peace agreement

The spokesperson for Iran's Civil Aviation Organization confirmed that flights between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as Armenia have recommenced.

This development follows the recent establishment of peace and a ceasefire in the region.

In a statement to IRNA, Jafar Yazerlu explained that the decision to halt flights was made promptly after the military actions in the disputed Karabakh region escalated tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Yazerlu noted that tensions have significantly subsided since the previous night, aligning with the established peace and ceasefire agreement.

Azerbaijan Republic initiated a military operation in the region, accusing Armenian-backed forces in Karabakh of activities such as “systematic” shelling, reconnaissance, and fortifying defensive positions, emphasizing a high level of combat readiness.

Subsequently, Armenian separatist forces reported successful mediation by the Russian peacekeeping contingent stationed in the area, leading to a mutual truce agreement between both sides.

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