US Seeks to Erode Asia by Fostering Terrorism: Iran’s Larijani

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the US has fomented wars and created terrorist groups in Asia to prevent the continent’s growth.

In an address to the closing of a 6-party anti-terrorism conference in Tehran on Saturday, Larijani said the wars and terrorist activities in Asia have been imposed by the outsiders, most notably by the US.

“Countries like the US pursue objectives by waging such wars in our region, because the next century belongs to Asia,” he added.

Asia has a combination of powers with the potential for growth, Larijani noted, pointing to China’s trade power, Russia’s role in regional stability, and the great capacities and human resources of Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan.

The Iranian speaker said the US seeks to hamper Asia’s growth and has incited wars and fostered terrorist groups in the region to erode Asia.

The 2nd conference of parliament speakers of Iran, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey was held in Tehran on Saturday to discuss the challenges of terrorism and explore avenues for inter-regional connectivity.

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