Friday, December 2, 2022

WHO, Foreign Ambassadors Briefed on Iran’s Battle with COVID-19

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted a meeting on Wednesday to inform the World Health Organization (WHO) representative and the foreign ambassadors residing in Tehran about the country’s measures to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The meeting was held at the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday evening, attended by the WHO representative, the ambassadors of foreign countries residing in Tehran, and the Iranian Health Ministry authorities.

The participants in the meeting were briefed on the latest preventive and therapeutic measures that Iran has taken amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

In comments at the gathering, the WHO representative said Iran has the necessary fundamental capacities to address the disease.

The Iranian Health Ministry officials also provided information on the latest status of the battle with the coronavirus epidemic in the country, and reaffirmed Iran’s commitment to the internationally-recognized health regulations. The Health Ministry authorities also emphasized that Iran enjoys the whole necessary technical and specialized capabilities to counter the coronavirus.

Elsewhere in the meeting, the WHO representative hailed Iran’s capabilities and performance as a successful and exemplary example in the region and the world.

Considering Iran’s transparent measures in this regard and the sufficient and effective information provided about the disease, the health authorities, the relevant officials and the WHO representative demanded that the international community avoid imposing strict policies beyond the international standards and regulations, particularly in the trade interaction sphere.

In the meeting,the Iranian Health Ministry also presented a list of the necessary supplies for controlling, curing and containing the coronavirus disease to the representatives of the countries willing to provide assistance.

The participants also described the international cooperation and maintenance of medical stances on the problem of coronavirus as key factors in the fight against the disease.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the ambassadors asked the Iranian authorities a series of questions.

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