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What to Look for in an Office Chair

More of us these days are living sedentary lifestyles, with office jobs that require us to sit at desks for about 40 hours every week. With so much of our lives spent sitting in office chairs, it makes sense to choose the right one to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible.

Even though it makes sense to put a lot of thought and time into choose the right office chair, often it is the desk that takes priority. However, we’re here to encourage you to take as long as you need to find the perfect chair to suit your needs and so eliminate the problems of discomfort, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Back Support

The best office chairs have support provided for your lower back which will ensure that you don’t suffer from back pain in the long term. The very best have adjustable lumbar supports so you can customize the chair to suit your specific needs.

Arm Adjustments

Although you may not immediately think that you’ll need to adjust the armrests of your office chair, in fact this is another important element to consider. Having chair arms at the wrong height can result in pressure on your wrists and this can result in carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition which can be very debilitating.

Height Adjustments

If you’re shorter or taller than average, having an office chair which can be adjusted so you are the right height for your desk will ensure that you don’t develop neck strain from craning your neck up or down to see your computer monitor properly.

Seat Back Height

If you don’t have sufficient height to your seat back, you’ll find that your upper back lacks the essential support it needs when looking at a PC monitor all day. Choose a chair with an adjustable seat back height and width so you can get the right fit for you.

Wheel Base

Not every chair will have a wheel base, but if you move around the office a lot to pick up paperwork from different surfaces, you’ll probably benefit from a wheeled chair so you don’t need to strain to reach. If your office has a carpeted floor, you’ll usually need a chair that has wheels designed specifically for use on carpet.

Swivel Base

You need an office chair which swivels freely so you can easily access every part of your desk. If your chair won’t freely swivel, you can develop arm fatigue due to over-extension.


You sit in your chair for long periods, and inevitably it can become hot and sweaty. If you choose a mesh chair or breathable fabric, it will still feel cool after hours of use. You should also ensure that there is enough padding so that you won’t end up with an aching bottom after a while.

Your Chair Checklist

Trying out a chair before you buy is always wise. Knowing how it feels and how comfortable it will be in the long run is pretty important. Here is a checklist of points to pay attention to when trying out your chosen chair.

  • An adjustable backrest which curves with your spine and offers lumbar support
  • An adjustable height so your feet can rest on the floor properly
  • Arm rests which are close to your body, allowing your shoulders to be relaxed
  • Adjustable arm height so your elbows rest on your desk
  • A chair back which rises to the centre of your shoulder blades at an absolute minimum
  • A long enough seat so you can put a couple of finger-lengths between the chair and your knee
  • A cushion made from memory foam

Once you have found the best chair to suit your needs you will not only feel comfortable but will lose less time from work due to injury and pain. You’ll also be a lot more productive overall when you’re comfortable at your desk.

If you need any more advice about how to pick the best office chair to meet your unique needs, there’s complete information found here about the benefits of getting the right chair for you and expert information about making the right purchasing decision to suit your requirements.

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