Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Village in South Khorasan restored 38 years after quake

Cultural heritage experts have reconstructed Esfahak Village, 35km from Tabas, in South Khorasan Province, 38 years after it was devastated by an earthquake.

Recalling the huge losses inflicted on the village by the 1979 earthquake, Ali Shariatimanesh, Deputy Head of South Khorasan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department, said the inhabitants had to abandon the village and establish a new village nearby, reported Iran Daily on Wednesday.

Many of the buildings of the old village have been restored and turned into ecotourism resorts, Shariatimanesh said.

Currently, Esfahak Village hosts a large number of tourists, he added.
Esfahak Village, which boasts invaluable monuments including a mosque, a public bath, and a beautiful palm grove, was registered on the National Heritage List in 2015, he said.

Since the village has unique weather, it is suitable for cultivating various farm crops, he added.

The villagers are involved in farming, animal husbandry and weaving carpets.

Esfahak Village boasts the richest water resources in the Tabas region. A deep well provides drinking water for the village.

The numerous advantages of South Khorasan Province pertain to its abundant production of high-quality agricultural and horticultural products including saffron, barberries, jujube, cotton, pomegranate and medical herbs.

It has deserts with unique features. For instance, Heydar-Abad desert in Nahbandan has the world’s highest sand dunes, some of which are 480 meters high. Moreover, the night sky of the Se-Qaleh Desert provides tourists with an opportunity to view stars for astrological purposes. Hemmat-Abad Desert is yet another example of a great biodiversity. Other deserts of the province with potentials and qualities for tourist attraction are Deh-Salam, Boshrooyeh and Tabas.

The popular attractions of South Khorasan include Ferdows Jame’ Mosque, Ferdows Theological School, Nehbandan Citadel, Forg Fortress, Kolah Farangi Mansion in Birjand, Chahar-Derakht Mosque, Amirabad Garden, Behgard Garden, Chenshat Cave, Birjand Jame’ Mosque, Imamzadeh Musa al-Kadhim, Alam Palace and Deragon Cave in Sarayan.

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