Tuesday, December 6, 2022

US Pressure on Iran Has Lost Its Capacity: Rouhani

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the pressure of the United States on Iran has lost its capacity and credibility, and from now on, threats and pressures would not work anymore.

Addressing a regular cabinet session on Wednesday, Rouhani noted that Washington exerted its utmost pressure on Iran and this pressure has reached its peak.

He said the US imposed the most unparalleled sanctions on Iran, but the nation managed to resist them.

The Iranian president described the US campaign of maximum pressure as a clear example of economic terrorism. He also said the current US administration will go down in history as an “executioner” that campaigned against the Iranian nation.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian president underscored that Iranian people today have a better calm than a year ago and are more hopeful about the country’s future.

“All officials in the country today have a single and unified voice. If a foreign official arrives and holds talks with the foreign minister or the president or the leader, s/he would understand that our words, strategy and opinions are the same.”

The president pointed out that not only the top officials, but all people and elites in our society have a single opinion. They all know that the main guilty party is the United States, and there is no one in Iran doubting about it.

“We would have been blamed if we took some actions regarding the nuclear deal and they [the west] would say you broke your promises. Not only didn’t we break our promises, but we waited a whole year and our patience showed we are acting with prudence. Nobody can today complain about the way the nation, the government and the Iranian establishment have picked,” maintained Rouhani.

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