Wednesday, November 30, 2022

US Officials Say Washington Seeking to Hold Talks with Iran: Shamkhani

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council says during his recent visit to Afghanistan two US lawmakers have told him that Washington is after holding talks with Tehran.

Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani said it is clear that Iran will not negotiate with the United States because the US is unreliable, and negotiations with them do not make sense.

Shamkhani made the remarks at an international conference on defense and security in Tehran.

“Americans spend $ 7 trillion to overthrow the legal government of a country, and on the other hand, they call our help to the countries of the region a waste of national capital and intervention in the internal affairs of the countries,” he highlighted.

Shamkhani underscored that Iran is seriously against the disintegration of countries and supports maintaining the security of the region and the serious struggle against any kind of terrorism through cooperation and interaction.

The Iranian top official further noted that the US decision to withdraw military troops from Syria and Afghanistan is a proof of total failure of Washington’s policies in the region.

Shamkhani stressed the US sudden pullout was out of constraint rather than choice maintaining that 17 years of US intervention in Afghanistan only brought more insecurity and instability. He said a similar situation exists in Syria where Washington is paralysed as to what role it can play considering the bitter realities on the ground.

He underlined that the US is the actual instigator of religious conflicts in the region and the emergence of ISIS terrorist group. He accentuated that all foreign de-stabilisers have no choice but to leave the entire region in near future.

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