Saturday, December 9, 2023

US Known It Can’t Trigger Snapback Mechanism: Zarif

The Iranian foreign minister has dismissed as “illegal” the United States’ bid to trigger the so-called snapback mechanism, stipulated in the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers, in order to restore the UN sanctions on Iran.

The US [plan to use the] snapback mechanism is so illegal that it is not acceptable and the Americans know that. If they say something out loud and keep repeating it, that does not mean that they are right,” said Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday.

“The US knows that it cannot trigger the snapback mechanism,” he added.

“On May 8, 2018, Mr. [John] Bolton, who was ecstatic that he had wrecked the JCPOA hoping to destroy Tehran in three months as well, announced in his press conference at the White House that the US was no longer a signatory to the JCPOA, so it wouldn’t be able to use the snapback mechanism,” said Zarif.

“The transcript of his remarks is still available on the website of the White House, but they might go remove that sentence now,” the foreign minister added.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has recently announced its plan to trigger the so-called snapback provisions of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal after it failed to secure the extension of an arms embargo against Iran.

Since leaving the JCPOA, the US has been resorting to its maximum pressure campaign against Iran by reinstating its sanctions and persuading others to follow suit.

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