Sunday, October 2, 2022

“US’ Insistence on Unilateralism Threatens Global Peace, Security”

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says the US’ insistence on continuing its unilateral and selfish moves and behaviours poses a serious threat to the international peace and security, and that has already been revealed to all states in the world.

In a Monday statement, Qassemi referred to the G7 communiqué released after the group’s summit in Canada, and slammed certain “meddlesome” demands and claims raised by the member states about Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran advises the G7 member states not to fall into the trap of Iranophobia and anti-Iran sentiments laid by certain states and regimes with excessive demands, he noted.

“It goes without saying that such approaches are not constructive and based on realities on the ground,” he said.

The spokesman said the Islamic Republic has proved that it is more concerned about the international peace and security compared with other countries, even some of the G7 members.

“Iran has shown its positive approach by paying a high price in fight against the unbridled and boundless terrorism of ISIS and other similar terrorist groups over the past decades,” he noted.

Qassemi said the worrisome problem is that the US insists on its unilateral, self-centred and selfish measures and behaviours. “Such an approach poses a serious threat to the international peace and security.”

The spokesman rejected as baseless the concerns raised by the G7 about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

He then referred to Iran’s legitimate defensive missile program and underlined that the government and nation of the Islamic Republic stand serious and resolute in the face of enemies’ threats without being coerced by their political brouhaha and unsubstantiated and baseless accusations.

“To defend the country and provide its people with security, Iran will never abandon its defensive doctrine which calls for developing our defensive and deterrent missile program that violates none of the UN resolutions,” he said.

Qassemi underlined that the principled, constructive and legitimate role of the Islamic Republic in the region particularly in fight against terrorist groups like ISIS guarantees the stability and economic boom of all regional states and significantly contributes to the international peace and security.

“The biased, targeted and useless accusations raised against Iran by the US’ ruling party and its blame game will never undermine Tehran’s regional role,” he concluded.

G7 leaders, in a joint statement on Saturday signed by the US and its European and Asian allies, vowed to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program “remains peaceful”.

“We are committed to permanently ensuring that Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful, in line with its international obligations and commitments to never seek, develop or acquire a nuclear weapon,” the leaders said at the end of a two-day summit in Canada.

“We condemn all financial support of terrorism including terrorist groups sponsored by Iran. We also call upon Iran to play a constructive role by contributing to efforts to counter terrorism and achieve political solutions, reconciliation and peace in the region,” the statement added.

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