Friday, September 30, 2022

US admits impossibility of anti-ISIL fight without Iran: Rafsanjani

Rafsanjani says the US has admitted that it is impossible to take on ISIL without Iran’s assistance.

Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council says the United States has admitted that the fight against the ISIL terrorist group will fail without Iran’s help.
“The US acknowledges that if Iran does not help, this [US-led] coalition cannot eliminate ISIL,” Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Sunday.
Airstrikes cannot destroy a terrorist group as in recent days we have been witnessing the ISIL attack on the key Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria near the Turkish border, Rafsanjani added.
Referring to Iran’s role in easing recent tensions in Iraq, he also stressed that the Islamic Republic helped solve the problem of forming a new government in the Arab country.
Rafsanjani added that Iranians will be the key force on any battlefield against ISIL, adding, “I am not saying that we have deployed troops [in Iraq], but it was the consultations [offered] by Iran that liberated the Mosul Dam and the town of Amerli and the Americans know well that they could not do this job with aerial bombardment.”

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