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Iran-Tehran Freedom Tower

Campaign to Save Freedom Tower Launched

Cultural heritage advocates launch a campaign to save Tehran’s Freedom Tower.
Babak Parviz - Iranian Inventor

Iranian inventor moves from Google to Amazon

Iranian inventor credited with development of Google Glass moves to Amazon.
David Kreps

Actions speak louder than words

David Kreps advises to presidents Ruhani and Obama in an interview with Tejarat-e-Farda Magazine.
Pasargad Bank Museum at Saba Museum

A tour of the largest private arts museum in Iran

Saba Museum owned by Pasargad Bank is home to precious works of arts.
Iran-Cinema-Birthplace movie

Birthplace to hit the screen after a six-year ban

Birthplace, a movie banned for six years, secures permission for public screening.
Iran National Cinema Day

National Cinema Day to return to official calendar

Iran Cinema Organization appeals for the reinstatement of National Cinema Day on the country’s official calendar.
Khuzestan Province, Land of Oil and More

Khuzestan Province, Land of Oil and More

A closer look at Iran’s Khuzestan Province, widely known for its oil reserves, reveals oil is not the only resource of the province.
Iranian female Ninjas

Bring it on

A report that helps you out more about how Iranian female Ninjas live and what they pursue.
Nasser Fakouhi

Demythification, first step toward institutionalizing moderation in Iran

A scientist comments on whether an uptick in the use of moderation in Iran means it is institutionalized in society.
Palestinian flower pots

Tear gas canisters for flower pots

A Palestinian woman in a village near Ramallah, in the West Bank, has turned tear gas canisters fired by Israeli soldiers into small flower pots in her garden. The symbolic move comes in protest at Israeli violence targeting the Palestinians.