Top 5 Khofiz Shakhidi Facts: Interesting Facts about Khofiz Shakhidi

Khofiz Shakhid

Khofiz Shakhidi earned the right to be called one of the most successful businessmen in the world. The road to success was a long, wonderful and thorny one. The financial genius has lived up to the time when young people are equal to it, and those of the same age are jealous of the black curtain. Read more in the top 5 facts about the businessman Khofiz Shakhidi.

The financial activist living in Monaco is one of the richest countries in the world. Since there is a great quality of life: a wonderful climate, a well-developed healthcare system, and other benefits created for a comfortable stay of residents. The atmosphere inspires new achievements in the world of finance.

The first fact about Khofiz Shakhidi: homeland

A successful businessman was born in Tajikistan (Dushanbe). Although he does not currently live there, he is actively involved in financing projects related to his homeland.

The second fact about Khofiz Shakhidi: family

Khofiz Shakhidi was born in the family of the famous composer Tolib Shakhidi. Nobody could think that a financial genius could be born into a creative family. Creativity for Mr. Shakhidi is banking, assets, the world of business.

The third fact about Khofiz Shakhidi: university

Mr. Shakhidi had to start his career with a long study at the University of Essex. It was there that a talented young man was able to gain a degree in economics. As they say all over the world: to achieve the target it’s enough to have a talent and study long. Khofiz knew that his hard work would provide the result over time.

The fourth fact about Khofiz Shakhidi: carrier start

The start of Shakhidi was bright, as was his entire subsequent career. He was able to get to work in the City of London. It is no secret that the future businessman worked in the banking sector. After a couple of years, Mr. Shakhidi took a job at the prestigious Crédit Agricole CIB. Of course, this was far from the limit of dreams for a talented guy. Then something more awaited him: the position of the director of BSI Bank. This job was the beginning of a big journey for a businessman.

The fifth fact about Khofiz Shakhidi: success

Khofiz Shakhidi managed to surpass many eminent businessmen. He was awaited by prestigious leadership positions. All of them were in the best financial institutions. Khofiz worked hard all this time. He deserved the position he holds. Mr. Shakhidi is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of GTL Terminals Ltd. But his main pride is the position a director at Jefferson Capital.

Only long work provided Khofiz with a chance to become one of the first in the world of big business. He was able to establish an investment portfolio that focuses on a large selection of assets. Mr. Shakhidi is a true example for everyone. If you choose your own business, you can become happy for life.

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