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The 5 Best Strategies to Base Your Sports Bet on

If you’ve been staking your money on sports bets without a strategy before now, please stop! If you have learned some strategies along the line of your gambling escapades but haven’t really been using them, please pick them up now and play by them.

It goes without saying that strategies are the heartbeats of sports bets, and if you want to ever turn a profit or even reach a break-even, then you need to place your bets based on a strategy.

For the benefits of those players who don’t really know of any sports betting strategy before now, here are some of the very best.

The strategy of focus: focusing on one team, sports, and game

If you’re a casual bettor, who’s betting just for the fun of it, then you may choose to place your bets as you see fit or based on your personal preference. But if you’re a money-driven gambler, whose objective is to turn profits, then one of the best strategies you can place your betting on is the strategy of focus.

This strategy involves learning about or identifying a sport you truly understand and then focusing all your attention and bankroll on it. For instance, if you’re a lover of football, you should stick with betting on football and not try to diversify into tennis or horse racing. For all the potentials for profits you might see in other sports, your chances of winning at each one will be reduced once your attention is divided. On the one hand, you won’t be able to conduct as much research as you ought to do. And on the other hand, you still won’t be able to predict the outcomes of these other sports accurately.

Strategy of the internet: Use the internet to your advantage

Don’t even visit a sports betting website to gamble on any game or sports if you haven’t done an extensive market forecast and research. If you bet on or visit ports betting websites like, one of the first few things you’ll learn is the importance of going online to do your research and using every informational tool to your own advantage. Regardless of the sports, if you go online to search for any information about a team, player, history, form guide, and chances of winning a game, you’ll find numerous materials intimating you with every bit of info you desire.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that every punter should base their sports betting escapades on research and knowledge. If possible, you can also adopt the use of software and mobile apps to aid your research and info accumulation. There are many software out there with vast information databases that include categories like conference team rank, opponent rank, money line range, team vs. team, what month/year they played in, and if a specific team or the favorite or underdog.

The strategy of the public: betting against the public

Due to the fact that most sporting events are so popular, everyone seems to have an opinion about the possible outcomes of the events. But guess what? This is exactly what the bookies want you to think!

More often than not, the public tends to back the best teams in the league to win every football match, the best tennis player to win every set, and the most reputable horse racer to win every event. But if there’s one thing history has taught us, it is that the game of sport is a game of upsets, with the underdogs regularly belittling the public’s opinion.

But how do you identify those games where the public’s opinion is bound to be wrong so that you can bet on them? All it takes is better, extensive research! The public back teams based on their history, marquee players, quality of opponents, and form. But these aren’t the only factors to consider. When you conduct your research about games, you may discover that some of the teams that the public is backing are actually going through a rough patch, have some disturbing injuries to some important players, have a terrible history of not performing well against that particular opponent, or has an unfortunate history of not doing well on a certain day of the week. Just do more research than the average punter will do, and you’ll surely find these games!

Strategy of bankroll management: only bet 1 or 2% of your bankroll

Please and please, always base your sports bets on the strategy of bankroll management. Even if you don’t win much, at least, it saves your bank balance from threading the path of bankruptcy. With this strategy, you’ll be giving yourself a chance to fight another day, even if you have a bad day.

Strategy of spread: Bet based on ATS records

Another important strategy to base all your sports bets on is the strategy of spread. If you want to predict events accurately in sports betting, then a very good factor to consider is the rating of teams against the spread (ATS), as determined by Vegas lines.

Don’t worry; ATS is not so difficult to find. More often than not, you’ll find them published on a variety of sites of all major professional sports leagues. And if you still don’t find them there, you can simply look it up on Google. The beauty of ATS is that it gives you an insight into what is most likely to happen rather than what the books want you to believe will happen, or the public think will happen.


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