Thursday, September 29, 2022

Tanker Attacks Another False Flag Operation by US: Iran

Iran’s Parliament speaker says the “suspicious” attacks on two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman could be staged by the US as the country has a history of carrying out such false flag operations.

Addressing lawmakers before an open session of Parliament began on Sunday, Ali Larijani touched upon the history of Washington’s false-flag attacks. He said during the Second World War, the Americans deliberately targeted their own vessels near Japan to fabricate a pretext for animosity.

He also said the attacks seem to have been a “complement” to Washington’s sanctions.

“Apparently, these moves are complements to [US] economic sanctions because they failed to get any results by imposing sanctions,” he told.

The top parliamentarian then scoffed at remarks by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who had urged Iran to use diplomacy in response to diplomatic measures. Larijani said Washington’s economic terrorism against Iran is, by no means, a diplomatic move.

He also lashed out at the US for arming Saudi Arabia to press ahead with its war against the oppressed Yemeni people.

The Front Altair oil tanker, moving Ethanol from Qatar to Taiwan with the flag of Marshal Islands, caught fire at 8:05 local time on Thursday, 25 miles from Iran’s Jask Port.

A second Panama-flagged tanker Kokuka Corageous, moving Methanol from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, also caught fire at 9:50, 30 miles from Jask.

The US, the UK, and some of their allies in the Persian Gulf have blamed Iran for the attacks, but Tehran denies any involvement in the “suspicious” incidents.

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