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An archive of news and views about the US Presidential Election 2016

Emami Kashani

US Faces Growing Worldwide Wrath: Iranian Cleric

A top Iranian cleric pointed to the growing anti-US sentiments in the world, saying more and more regional countries begin to rise against the US hostile plots.

Clinton’s Policy on Syria Would Lead to World War Three: Trump

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Democrat Hillary Clinton's plan for Syria would "lead to World War Three," because of the potential for conflict with military forces from nuclear-armed Russia.

Iran Ready to Monitor US Elections: MP

An Iranian Member of Parliament says Tehran is ready to monitor the upcoming US Presidential elections, which is claimed by GOP candidate Donald Trump to be ‘rigged’.
Clinton and Trump

Iran’s President: US Election A Choice between Bad, Worse

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized the US presidential candidates for their indecent behavior and lack of morality in their debates, describing the election as a case of choosing the lesser of two evils.
US presidential debate

Iran’s State TV Airs US Presidential Debate Live in 3 Languages

The last US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was aired by the IRIB in three languages for Persian, English, and Arab-speaking audiences.

Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Surprises Everyone with His Latest Film

Well-known American filmmaker Michael Moore surprised people in the US ahead of the upcoming Presidential Elections with his latest film about GOP candidate Donald Trump.

Leader: US Election Shows Absence of Spirituality among American Statesmen

Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei says the US presidential elections and the remarks made by the two candidates these days indicate that there is no spirituality among US authorities.
Trump Clinton

Trump and Clinton Face Off in 2nd Debate for US 2016 Election

Republican and Democratic presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton attack each other with brutal exchanges during their second presidential debate a month before the Election Day.

US Election 2016: Clinton, Trump Clash in First Debate

US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have gone head-to-head over the issue of race, the economy and foreign policy in their first televised debate ahead of November's election.

Clinton Left Classified Data in Russian Hotel during State Secretary Trip

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton forgot classified documents at a hotel in Russia during a trip as secretary of state, documents released by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation show.