Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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New Alert System Warns Tehran Citizens 20 Seconds Before Quake

Tehran, the capital and most populous city of Iran, is being equipped with an earthquake early warning system that would notify people of an imminent quake as early as 20 seconds in advance, an official has announced.

Charity Worker Helps Wishes of 453 Cancer Kids Come True

An Iranian charity worker has dedicated her life to children with cancer to change the colour of their world.

Italian Solution to Boost Tourism Industry in Iran

The number of Europeans visiting Iran has decreased since the US left the nuclear deal in 2018, which escalated tensions in the Persian Gulf. But now the director of culture and tourism at the Italian Confcooperative has a solution to change that situation in Iran.

Works of Iranian Sculptors Unveiled in Beirut

The municipality of Beirut has installed three stone sculptures created by Iranian artists in the Ghobeiry neighbourhood of the Lebanese capital.

Iranian People Celebrate Yalda Night Together

Iranian people from all walks of life celebrated on Saturday night one of the most ancient Persian celebrations called Yalda Night, the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Iranian Korsi Brings Family Members Together on Yalda Night

One of the Iranian traditions going back generations is for family members to sit around a korsi on Yalda night.

Art Exhibition Features Mythical Figures on Wooden Spoons

An exhibition was recently held in Tehran where spoons replaced conventional canvases, displaying characters of mythology.

Paternitecture; Patterns in Iran’s Contemporary Environments

Tehran recently hosted an event called “paternitecture”, featuring the application of patterns in manmade environments of contemporary Iran.

Iranian Girl Converts Minibus into Lovely Mobile Bookstore

A young Iranian lady has come up with the idea of converting a minibus into a book shop, but she is not old enough yet to drive her “mobile” bookstore.

Popular, Iconic Dishes of Yalda Night in Iran

Yalda dinner, a meal traditionally eaten at the winter solstice each December, forms a significant part of gatherings held to celebrate “Shab-e Yalda” (the longest night of the year) in Iran. Let’s find more about various Yalda dishes in different parts of the country.

Evaz Recognized as First Child-Friendly Town of Iran

An Iranian town has been designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a safe town for children.

Special Attractions You Must See in Iran

Have you ever heard about Badab-e Surt? What about the hottest place on Earth? Have you ever seen Mangrove Forests? If you like to visit these places, and much more, it’s time for planning a trip to Iran.

Autumn Festival at National Garden of Tehran

An autumn festival is being held during the season’s last days in Tehran’s National Garden, a historical area dating back to Qajar era.

Iranian Musical Instrument Dutar Inscribed as Intangible World Heritage

The Persian musical instrument “Dutar” has been registered on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s List of Intangible World Heritage.

Qalamkari; Traditional Art of Making Hand-Painted Textile

Qalamkari is a traditional textile art which was born in Isfahan during the Safavid era. Qalamkari artists do magic by using colours, fabric and wood.

Pastak & Shawl Weaving; Ancient Art of Iran’s Kurdistan

Shawl and Pastak weaving is one of the oldest handicrafts in Kurdistan province, especially the border city of Baneh. These shawls are woven with the wool of a particular goat.

Tapestries of Iranian Artist on Show in Tehran

A tapestry exhibition of an Iranian artist is underway in the Shirin Gallery of Tehran. The exhibition consists of 24 various works created by Shahrzad Gharavi.

Iranian Couple Hold Exhibition to Show Women Woes, Achievements

An Iranian artist couple have run an exhibition called "Leili and Shirin" to put on show in two different ways some works about the society’s view of the women.

American Jewish Woman Rejoices at Prayer in Iranian Synagogue

A Jewish American woman and peace activist recalls how she was thrilled to attend a prayer service in a synagogue inside Iran, saying she was surprised to see the Iranian Jews enjoy religious freedom and have a representative in the Iranian Parliament.

Isfahan Hosting Exhibition of Exquisite Handmade Carpets

The 22nd edition of Isfahan Handmade Carpet Exhibition is underway in the city’s International Exhibitions Centre.

Tehran Working to End Use of Children for Scavenging

Tehran Mayor has urged all Tehran citizens to inform the municipality if they see any street children being used for scavenging.

Eminent Singer Cancels Turkey Concert in Solidarity with Kurds

Iranian virtuoso musician Shahram Nazeri has canceled a concert in Turkey’s Konya in deference to the Kurdish people of Syria affected by a Turkish military operation.

Foreign Tour Operators Amazed by Safe, Modern Iran

Representative of 17 foreign travel agencies have been filled with admiration for the safety, cleanliness and modern infrastructures of Iran after a Famtrip to the country.

Iranian Girl Wins Reputation by Walking a Thin Line

Reyhaneh Armaghani is an Iranian girl whose unusual career and field of sport, highlining, has won her some reputation. She walks on a thin belt, practices slack line and unicycle, and works at heights.

Mary Poppins Musical Onstage in Tehran

A free adaptation of Julian Fellowes’ famous script “Mary Poppins” is currently onstage in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

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