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UN under Fire for Removing Saudi-Led Coalition from Blacklist

The United Nations was forced to defend its decision to remove the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen from a blacklist of children’s rights violators after rights groups expressed their dismay.

Saudi Arabia’s Talks of Plan B for Syria Are Made in the Wrong Time

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir’s recent remarks about the “Plan B” are made in the wrong time, as it might face strong opposition by both Russia and the US.

Etemad Editorial: Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Not Possible without Respecting Citizens’ Rights

Abbas Abdi, a prominent reformist analyst, said in his Tuesday editorial in Etemad that Saudi rulers should learn from the fate of Iran’s Shah. They are hoping to implement an ambitious development plan, Vision 2030, which Abdi believes is not feasible without taking civil rights into account.

Iran Warns Saudi Arabia over Hajj Problems

A senior official has hinted that Iran may stop sending Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia if the kingdom refuses to resolve visa and travel issues.

Impact of Iran-EU Ties on Saudi Arabia’s Behaviour towards Tehran

Mehdi Zakerian, an Iranian academic, believes that Iran’s improved ties with the European Union can have an impact on the country’s ties with other regional states, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Should Iran Boycott Hajj Pilgrimage Given Saudi Arabia’s Stonewalling?

Hundreds of Iranian pilgrims were killed last year in a deadly crush in Mina, Saudi Arabia, during the Hajj pilgrimage. Earlier, two Iranian teenagers were harassed in Jeddah Airport. After the recent severance of...

Rezaei: Saudi Arabia should be Fearful of Iranian Silence

The Secretary of the Expediency Council, referring to provocations and aggressive acts committed by the Saudis in recent years, warns that Iran’s self-restraint will not last forever.

New Revelations by Saudi Whistleblower about Secret Commitment of Saudis to Russia

The well-known Saudi blogger and activist, Mojtahed, who has frequently exposed the darker sides of the ruling Saud family, now says that Riyadh has committed itself to Russia.According to the website Entekab, the Saudis...

Drug Trafficking Saudi Prince – The Reason behind Cutting Aid to Lebanon

A Saudi activist whistleblower reveals new facts about the halting of aid by Riyadh to the Lebanese Army, revealing its connection to the release talks of a Saudi prince.

Saudi Analyst: Yes, Yes, We have the Bomb, as simple as that!

A Saudi political analyst, during an interview with Russia Alyoum, said his country has been in possession of nuclear arms since two years ago and may probably carry out its first nuclear test within...