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Iran Warns Saudi Arabia over Hajj Problems

A senior official has hinted that Iran may stop sending Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia if the kingdom refuses to resolve visa and travel issues.

Impact of Iran-EU Ties on Saudi Arabia’s Behaviour towards Tehran

Mehdi Zakerian, an Iranian academic, believes that Iran’s improved ties with the European Union can have an impact on the country’s ties with other regional states, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Should Iran Boycott Hajj Pilgrimage Given Saudi Arabia’s Stonewalling?

Hundreds of Iranian pilgrims were killed last year in a deadly crush in Mina, Saudi Arabia, during the Hajj pilgrimage. Earlier, two Iranian teenagers were harassed in Jeddah Airport. After the recent severance of...

Rezaei: Saudi Arabia should be Fearful of Iranian Silence

The Secretary of the Expediency Council, referring to provocations and aggressive acts committed by the Saudis in recent years, warns that Iran’s self-restraint will not last forever.

New Revelations by Saudi Whistleblower about Secret Commitment of Saudis to Russia

The well-known Saudi blogger and activist, Mojtahed, who has frequently exposed the darker sides of the ruling Saud family, now says that Riyadh has committed itself to Russia.According to the website Entekab, the Saudis...

Drug Trafficking Saudi Prince – The Reason behind Cutting Aid to Lebanon

A Saudi activist whistleblower reveals new facts about the halting of aid by Riyadh to the Lebanese Army, revealing its connection to the release talks of a Saudi prince.

Saudi Analyst: Yes, Yes, We have the Bomb, as simple as that!

A Saudi political analyst, during an interview with Russia Alyoum, said his country has been in possession of nuclear arms since two years ago and may probably carry out its first nuclear test within...

Furore over the Arrest of an Unveiled Mascot in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian media requested changes to the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, criticizing their rough behavior and irrational operation in arresting an unveiled female advertising mascot.

Saudi FM Defends Prohibition of Women’s Driving Rights

Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, expressed his support for the Al Saud regime’s ban on women driving, and urged Saudi women to be patient and wait to claim their rights.

Why Saudi Girls File Lawsuits against Their Parents

According to Al Alam TV channel, the inflexibility of Saudi parents with regard to their daughters’ marriages has led to several complaints being lodged by Saudi girls in courts against their parents.

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