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The latest news, views and photos of Qeshm; the largest island of Iran in the Persian Gulf.

The top attractions to visit in Qeshm include: Chahkooh Canyon, Valley of Stars, Aali Mohammad Valley, Hengam Island, Naz Island, Mangrove “Hara” Forestsof,  Namakdan Salt Cave, Kharbas Caves, Tala Water Wells, Tomsenati’s Bogh-e Pir shrine, and Qeshm Island’s Geo-park Museum.

Qeshm Island Geopark Becomes Global after Receiving UNESCO Green Card

Qeshm Island Geopark in the southern Iranian island of Qeshm has become a UNESCO Global Geopark after obtaining the UN cultural body’s green card.

Laft, Ancient Port in Persian Gulf Island of Qeshm

Laft Port with its ancient waterfront is situated on Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf. The port village is also known for its wells and wind-catchers.

Tourist Destinations in Iran You Should Visit before You Die

Iran has several natural tourist destination with exotic views that you should visit before you leave this world.

Aali Mohammad Valley; Amazing Phenomenon in Qeshm Island

Aali Mohammad Valley, located in the western part of Qeshm island, spans along a north-south line. This amazing Natural phenomenon attracts many tourists every year.

Tomsenati Village and Its Historical Shrine in Qeshm Island

Bogh-e Pir shrine of Tomsenati village is likely to have been a Mithraism temple: a place of worship for the god of Mehr- Mithra- prior to the Seljuq dynasty.

Qeshm Island’s Geo-park Museum, Prominent One in Iran

The Geo-Park Museum on Qeshm Island is home to more than 3,000 animal species.