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The latest news about and opinion pieces by former Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

We buy what the worst enemies of Tehran tell us

Stephen Kinzer, a Brown University lecturer, has said that the US Congress is likely to reject the Iran nuclear deal, but President Obama will veto its decision and this will help implement the deal.

Jalili symbolizes glory and Zarif embodies beauty of the establishment

An Iranian presidential advisor has said that the assets FM Zarif tapped into to successfully conclude a nuclear deal with P5+1 had been accumulated during Jalili's stewardship of the talks.

First the neighbor, then the home; simply a piece of ethical...

The Iranian top diplomat said Iran's first priority is to have solid relations with its neighbors and that policy has been reiterated especially ever since the new government took office.

When diplomacy serves the cause of development (PART FOUR)

Iran's foreign minister has said that the interests of some at home and in the region might be tied to showdown between Iran and the rest of the world; but it has nothing to do with our ideals. 

When diplomacy serves the cause of development (PART THREE)

FM Zarif has said that we can continue – not extend – the talks until we reach results, adding if no deal is clinched by July 1, it could happen on July second or third, or even later.

When diplomacy serves the cause of development (PART TWO)

Foreign Minister Zarif has said that Iran has pursued the logical and reasonable way of mutual understanding in nuclear talks and that a settlement seems to be within reach.

The imperative of a comprehensive strategy to fight violent extremism

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif describes violent extremism as "probably the most critical challenge" menacing the Middle East and the entire world.

When diplomacy serves the cause of development (PART ONE)

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said Iran can reach development by standing on its own two feet, but that does not mean it should sever ties with the rest of the world.

Will Zarif win a Nobel Prize? Experts weigh in.

Four prominent experts answer hypothetical questions about Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize

KAZGUU University confers an honorary doctorate on Iranian FM

A photo gallery featuring a ceremony at Kazakhstan University of the Humanities and Law where an honorary doctorate was conferred upon Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif.