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The latest news and views about the eight-year war imposed by Iraq on Iran, known in the Islamic Republic as ‘Sacred Defence’

‘Sacred Defence’ Museum in Tehran Displays Sacrifices Made to Save Iran

The Garden-Museum of ‘Sacred Defence and Promotion of Resistance Culture’ is a place to introduce a small part of sacrifices Iranian people made during the Iraqi imposed war (1980s) to save the country from foreign invasion.

Zarif: Chemical Weapons Tragedies Still Occurring in Region

Coinciding with the 29th anniversary of the chemical bombardment of Sardasht, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif released a statement on Monday June 27 expressing deep sympathy with the victims’ families and urging the international community to prevent the repetition of such catastrophic events.

Iran Marks 34th Anniversary of Liberation of Khorramshahr

On 23 May, Iran marks the 34th anniversary of the liberation of the strategic port city of Khorramshahr from Iraqi forces under the former dictator Saddam Hussein.

War Veteran Talks about Life after Being Wounded in Syria

Habib Adbollahi, a young war veteran wounded by Takfiri terrorists in Syria back in early January, says he used to congratulate others on “War Veterans Day”, but now he has become one of them.

The Dedication of an Iranian Doctor now Commemorated in Iraqi Schoolbooks

Authorities from the Iraqi education system have decided to dedicate the subject of one of the lessons in the fourth grade book to an Iranian doctor who saved tens of children who had been poisoned by chemical weapons in Halabja.

Sleepless War Veteran

Rajab Rashidi is a semi-disabled war veteran who has not slept for the past 25 years due to a head injury sustained during the Iran-Iraq war.

Ski training camp for veterans, disabled athletes (PHOTOS)

The first stage of training camp special for veterans and disabled athletes is underway at the Shemshak Ski Resort in Tehran.   

An ex-envoy expounds on his mission in Iraq

A former Iranian ambassador to Iraq offers explanations about his Iraq mission.

Leader meets with family of Assyrian martyr (PHOTOS)

The visit was to mark the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

An ex-envoy sheds light on how Saddam’s Iraq waged war on...

A former Iranian ambassador has explained his mission in Iraq, rejecting as baseless rumors that Saddam waged war because Iran had ignored his warnings.