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Iran-US Relations

Iran will retaliate if P5+1 reneges on JCPOA promises: Larijani

The top Iranian MP has described the conclusion of the nuclear talks as acceptable yet far from perfect.

Iran’s Experts Assembly chairman rejects bilateral relations with US

The nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1 has nothing to do with Iran’s relations, nor does it mean rapprochement between Tehran and Washington, said Ayatollah Yazdi.

Iran, China, US likely to cooperate on Arak heavy water reactor: Rouhani

President Rouhani said in a press conference that modernization of Arak heavy water reactor as agreed upon in JCPOA will be done by China and another P5+1 member states.

Reactionaries and Westernized people waste Iran’s young talents

Mohsen Rezaei, the secretary of the Expediency Council, has said that Iran has mastered the nuclear knowhow and marched toward development thanks to the Supreme Leader’s prudence and guidelines.

Iran will keep pursuing freedom of nationals: Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham has said that Iran remains concerned over the fate of the prisoners and is seeking consular access to them.

Spokeswoman slams Obama’s anti-Iran remarks

Repeated allegations by US officials intended to satisfy the pro-Israel lobbies show the American officials' uncertainty when it comes to their own national preferences, said Afkham.

Former US negotiator: Zarif is a strategic thinker

A former US negotiator has said that Israel and Arab nations are concerned that an independent and powerful Iran may overshadow the sway they hold in the region.

Iranian policymakers should deliberate on key issues in weeks ahead: Mousavian

Mousavian said contrary to expectations, members of Congress are not much competent in international and diplomatic issues.

Nuclear agreement not equal to shared regional policies with US: Speaker

That the West has recognized Iran's right to enrichment showed that European countries and the US have come to terms with Iran's progress in different fields, said Larijani.

Iran to resume carpet exports to US: Official

The termination of general and direct sanctions against Iran will have a major impact on the increase of carpet experts to the US, Hamid Kargar said.

No change in Iran’s policy towards US: Senior cleric

Western countries should not suppose that they can change the Islamic Republic of Iran's policies in the strategic region of the Middle East, said Ayatollah Jannati.

Parliament should issue JCPOA fact sheet to minimize risk of arbitrary interpretation

Failure to accept the deal will do considerable damage to the image of the Iranian government on the international stage, Mohammad Javad Larijani said.

Iran’s foreign minister dismisses US media claim on Parchin site

FM Zarif has rejected as false the claim that Iran tries to remove traces of alleged nuclear activities at Parchin, saying such reports are aimed at disrupting the climate of understanding between Iran and P5+1.

US, West bid to satisfy Zionists to no avail: Iran cleric

You want to satisfy the Zionist leaders with the recent deal with Iran, but be sure that they won’t be satisfied, because they want to destroy all nations in the world, said Ayatollah Emami Kashani.

US, Saudis increasing regional interference: Top Iran official

Iran is against any kind of foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen; the US and its allies want to impose their will on the governments of these nations, said Velayati.

US preparing for joint commerce chamber with Iran: Official

Mohsen Jalalpour said Iran will start to do the same thing two months after the formation of a chamber in the US.

Iran warns IAEA against leakage of confidential data to US Senate

The agreements between a country and the IAEA, which are classified, can by no means be presented to any other country, said the Iranian ambassador to the IAEA.

Iran says planes ready for US flights

After a hiatus of over three decades, Iran is now looking into the possibility of launching direct flights to the United States in light of the removal of sanctions that have prohibited the country from doing so.

Differences with US “serious, deep-rooted”: Iran’s Araghchi

I personally see no immediate prospect for the establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and the US, said Araghchi.

Nuclear deal does little to end US enmity toward Iran

Ahmad Tavakoli, a Tehran MP, has said that the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States are not expected to make friends thanks to the historic nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1.

Zarif dismisses Kerry’s remarks at Senate hearing

Zarif has criticized Kerry’s remarks over US capacity to use military force against Tehran, dismissing it as a “hollow threat.”

Stage is set for resumption of ties with the US: Iranian MP

When the Iranians staged a revolution they had no plans to cut ties with the United States, and this estrangement is not expected to last forever, the principlist deputy said.

Iranian envoy blasts US ambassador to UN for anti-Iran remarks

The US that invaded two countries in the region and created favorable grounds for the growth of terrorism is not well placed to raise accusations against Iran, Khoshroo said.

Apple and Boeing are welcome, but not McDonald’s

The new opposition to McDonald's has reportedly its roots in the fact that the fast-food giant is known around the world as a symbol of Americanism.

US in desperate need of Iran’s assistance

It is a well-established fact that a Washington-Tehran mutual understanding was largely helpful to bring the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011 to an end, said Karkouti.

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