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Latest news about Turkey-Iran relations – The latest news and views about bilateral relations between Iran and Turkey

Banking relations between Iran and Turkey go back to normal

Iran's Ambassadorto Turkey Ali-Reza Bigdeli announced banking relations between the two countries go back to normal and Bank Mellat will resume its operations in...

Turks invade Iran with their garments

Iranian market with population of 80 millions is a golden opportunity for European and Asian countries to make investment and Iranian neighboring countries are trying to make utmost benefit from reentry of Iran into world economy.

Iran condemns Istanbul terrorist blast

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari on Tuesday strongly denounced the terrorist explosion which hit central Istanbul earlier in the day.

Troop deployment to Iraq, Turkey’s reaction to post-JCPOA era

Turkey thinks that the presence of the Russian military alongside Syrian ground troops and resistance forces is tilting the balance in Assad's favor and this can pose threats to Turkey via its southern border.

Turkey should be the Turkey it used to be: Iran MP

The grave mistake of Turkey is that it thinks NATO would rush to its assistance against Russia in case something happens.

A third World War may be in the cards: Iranian official

The Secretary of Iranian Expediency Council says Iran can presently use its active diplomacy to bring Turkey and Russia close to each other and temper tensions between them.

What kind of advice President Erdogan’s aides offer?

Turkey has problems with Iraq, Syria and Russia and wants to add Iran to the list of countries with which it has problem. This is a blame game bound to add to the problems of the Turkish government, Nobakht said.

Flow of Iran’s oil in post-JCPOA era ends oil honeymoon of...

When sanctions are lifted, Iran can tap into the great potential of its naval fleet to deliver uninterrupted oil to Turkish refineries.

Iranian trains won’t cross Turkey’s border unless security is guaranteed

The security problems railroad travel is exposed to in Turkey are far from settled, the managing director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways said.

Iran has no plan to offer discounts on gas exports to...

The NIGC chief has said that the result of The Hague arbitration will be out later this year and Turkey’s gas complaint will not affect Iran’s natural gas exports to Turkey.