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Latest news about Saudi Arabia-Iran relations – The latest news and views about bilateral relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Iranian Navy has no plans to leave the Gulf of Aden:...

Commander of the Navy said Iran's naval presence in regional waters is aimed at ensuring safe navigation for commercial vessels.

Fault lines in Tehran-Riyadh relations

A look back at the incidents that have caused friction in Tehran-Riyadh relations in the last century.

When the art of statesmanship turns the tables

An analytical report evaluates how Foreign Minister Zarif has masterfully acted as a game-changer on both regional and global stage.

People in Tehran hold protest rally outside Saudi embassy

Demonstrators in Tehran called for the closure of the Saudi embassy in Iran and speedy punishment of those behind the sexual abuse of Iranian teens.

If Saudi offenders go unpunished, controlling Iranian sentiments would be difficult

The Supreme Leader’s representative for Hajj affairs says that if Saudi Arabia fails to punish those who sexually abused Iranian teens, Iran is likely to make a new decision on Hajj.

Yemen will be Saudi Arabia’s quagmire: Iranian MP

Undoubtedly, the Saudis launched the attacks on Yemen in coordination with America, Haghighatpour said.

Iran and Saudi Arabia; will protocols lose their significance again?

The Expediency Council chairman says the issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia should be addressed and the two countries should return to where they were.

Transfer of power to 3rd generation is Saudi Arabia’s main challenge

An expert in Saudi affairs has said that a bleak future lies ahead for Saudi Arabia and Iran-Saudi relations are not expected to take a positive turn soon.

There won’t be a thaw in Tehran-Riyadh ties under King Salman:...

Zanganeh says King Salman is unlikely to seek to ease tensions with Iran given the presence of security-minded people in his royal court.

How will it be after King Abdullah? (PART 2)

Following the Saudi King’s demise some Iranian analysts look at the direction Iran-Saudi ties will take after Abdullah and different factors which may come into play.