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The latest news and views about the anti-Iran sanctions

Iranian players fire two shots at sanctions

The Portuguese coach of Iran's national soccer team Carlos Queiroz has dismissed sanctions as an unfair tool victimizing his squad.

Iran Blasts West’s “Unlawful” Sanctions

Nuclear talks will bear fruit only if the Western parties come to the understanding that “unfair sanctions do not amount to a great achievement for them”, Zarif said.

Iran becomes the ninth member of an exclusive club of nations...

Almost a dozen areas across Iran are suitable for generation of geothermal energy.

Western sanctions against Iran contradict human rights

The secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council says Iranians put their weight behind President Rouhani’s government regardless of the result of nuclear talks with P5+1.

Iran’s oil industry needs $200 b. in investment: Minister

The Iranian oil minister says countries that hold talks with Iran before the lifting of sanctions will have an edge over others that wait until after the sanctions are removed.

From the fight against Ebola to the war on ISIL

While world is concerned with an Ebola outbreak and the threat of ISIL, the destructive impact of sanctions on the healthcare of Iranians persists.

Sanctions are not to blame for a rise in unemployment

Economists blame wrong policies rather than sanctions for Iran’s unemployment crisis.

Europe and the US unfairly slap sanctions on Iran – Official

Mohsen Rezaei tells Austrian ambassador Europe and the US draw on fabrications and biased reports to issue statements against Iran and unfairly slap sanctions on us.

Iran sanctions cost US economy $175bn: NIAC

The US sanctions against Iran have cost Washington as much as USD 175 billion dollars in losses for not doing business with the Islamic Republic, a Washington-based think-tank has found.

West lies about medical sanctions: Iran health minister

Iranian health minister has slammed Western governments, saying they lie about not having imposed embargoes on Iran’s purchase of medications and medical equipment.