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The latest news and views about the anti-Iran sanctions

We are open to reason; so we don’t need to be...

The top councilor criticized those who view interaction with the rest of the world as humiliating, urging them to stop shouting slogans that interfere with the country's progress.

Iran needs to get ready for the post-sanctions era

Iran’s standard chief says accreditation helps the country start doing business and rendering services on the same footing with its international counterparts.

Beneath the surface of Iran’s nuclear talks

Khorasan daily has divided the nuclear talks into three periods, explaining what has happened during each period and what the Iranian team should do before the July 1 deadline.

Those who have vested interest in sanctions should change their job

President Rouhani has said through nuclear talks Iran wants to prove to the world that anti-Iran charges are false.

Iran’s economic woes predate sanctions: Larijani

Economic independence is not tantamount to slamming the doors shut to the world, said Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.

More or fewer sanctions?

Many people on social networks believe that the decision is aimed at turning up the heat on Iran.

Iranian players fire two shots at sanctions

The Portuguese coach of Iran's national soccer team Carlos Queiroz has dismissed sanctions as an unfair tool victimizing his squad.

Iran Blasts West’s “Unlawful” Sanctions

Nuclear talks will bear fruit only if the Western parties come to the understanding that “unfair sanctions do not amount to a great achievement for them”, Zarif said.

Iran becomes the ninth member of an exclusive club of nations...

Almost a dozen areas across Iran are suitable for generation of geothermal energy.

Western sanctions against Iran contradict human rights

The secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council says Iranians put their weight behind President Rouhani’s government regardless of the result of nuclear talks with P5+1.