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A collection of the most beautiful photos of Iran, including the country’s natural attractions, cultural heritage, handicrafts, and important sites

Bouzarjomehr Qayeni0

Tomb of Bozorgmehr in eastern Iran (PHOTOS)

Photos of the tomb of the great Persian scholar in South Khorasan Province.

Manmade reservoir at the heart of desert in central Iran (PHOTOS)

Birds flying over the region usually make a stop at the reservoir.
Qaen Mosque0

Qaen Mosque in eastern Iran (PHOTOS)

The mosque’s portico graced by murals is the distinguishable part of the 1,000-plus-year-old structure.
Rice harvest00

Rice harvest season in northern Iran (PHOTOS)

Harvest time has arrived in northern Iran where farmers work long hours to gather their crops.

Salehieh Seminary School (PHOTOS)

Salehieh Seminary School was a major philosophy center for Shiite Muslims in the 19th century.
Kazemi Mansion0

Kazemi Mansion in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The mansion houses a number of models and dolls which represent the jobs and traditions of the people who lived in Tehran 150 years ago.

10-year-old Iranian girl sets Asian swimming record in Caspian Sea (PHOTOS)

An Iranian girl in Gilan Province swam over 10 km in seven hours at the Caspian Sea on August 16.

Calligraphy exhibition at Niavaran Cultural Center (PHOTOS)

The exhibition, which opened at Niavaran Cultural Center on August 16, will run through August 25.
Furg Citadel000

Furg Citadel in eastern Iran (PHOTOS)

Furg Citadel has 18 round watchtowers which overlook all nearby villages and roads.

Parkour in northern Iran (PHOTOS)

Photos of young free-running practitioners in Mazandaran Province who perform complex moves in public in natural and urban environments.

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