Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Iran in Photos

Official opening of Asian-African Conference (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of the opening ceremony of the 2015 Asian-African Conference in Jakarta with President Rouhani in attendance.

Workshops of fishing cages in Bushehr (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of fishing cage workshops in southern Iran.

Steel bullions (PHOTOS)

Images of a production line at a steel mill in Iran.

Ambassadors present credentials to President Rouhani

Photos of meetings between President Rouhani and four new foreign ambassadors to Iran.

Zarif welcomes Venezuelan counterpart

The snapshots of a meeting between the Iranian and Venezuelan foreign ministers in Tehran.

Bakery staffed by women in eastern Iran (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery featuring hardworking Iranian women at work in a bakery whose staff is all women.

Afghan President greeted by Iranian officials (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery featuring the first official visit of the Afghan president to Iran.

Tajrish street market in northern Tehran

The snapshots of Tajrish market, a local street market in Tehran, where colorful items are on offer.

A rally in protest at killing stray dogs (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of a rally in Tehran in protest at the killing of stray dogs.

Kaji Namakzar Wetlands (PHOTOS)

Photos of Kaji Namakzar Wetlands in the northeastern Iranian province of South Khorasan.

Iranian Pegasus draws the attention of foreign media (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of a metal sculpture of Pegasus by an Iranian artist.

Traditional local ritual in west-central Iran (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of a traditional ritual in west-central Iran.

Wedding traditions of Turkmens in Iran (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of a Turkmen wedding party in Iran.

National Army Day parades across Iran (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of parades held across Iran on the National Army Day.

President Rouhani received Australian top diplomat (PHOTOS)

Snapshots featuring a meeting between President Rouhani and the visiting Australian minister for foreign affairs in Tehran.

Australian, Iranian top diplomats meet (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of a meeting between top diplomats of Iran and Australia in Tehran.

Domestic fish farming (PHOTOS)

Photos of a domestic fishing farm developed by an Iranian woman.

A devoted mother (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery featuring a single Iranian mother who looks after her paralyzed daughter.

Khuzestan, a hub for water buffalo breeding (PHOTOS)

Photos of water buffalos on the banks of the Karun River in southern Iran.

Saadabad Palace’s kitchen opens to public as a museum (PHOTOS)

Photos of the Royal Kitchen Museum at Saadabad complex in northern Tehran.

Persian garden Park on a rainy day

A photo gallery of Persian garden Park in northern Tehran which has become a major attraction of the capital.

President Rouhani arrives in Rasht (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of the arrival of President Rouhani in the northern city of Rasht.

IAEA delegation arrives in Tehran (PHOTOS)

Photos of the arrival in Tehran of an IAEA delegation.

Traditional wrestling (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery which features wrestlers vying for the top prize at Iran’s traditional wrestling championships in Khorasan Razavi Province.

KAZGUU University confers an honorary doctorate on Iranian FM

A photo gallery featuring a ceremony at Kazakhstan University of the Humanities and Law where an honorary doctorate was conferred upon Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif.

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