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A collection of the most beautiful photos of Iran, including the country’s natural attractions, cultural heritage, handicrafts, and important sites

Telegraph House00

Old Telegraph House in Chabahar

The Telegraph House is the oldest modern building in Chabahar which was built by the British in 1864 to promote sailing and trade.
Rijab tourist0

Rijab tourist attraction (PHOTOS)

Images of Rijab, one of at least top 50 tourist attractions in the western Iranian provinces of Kermanshah.
war martyrs

Funeral procession for 275 war martyrs in Tehran (PHOTOS)

Images of a funeral procession for 275 war martyrs, including 175 divers, in Tehran.
Lake Neor

Lake Neor (PHOTOS)

Images of Lake Neor, a body of water which is 210 hectares in area, in northwestern Iran.
Taq-e Bostan0

Taq-e Bostan (PHOTOS)

Photos of Taq-e Bostan, an ancient site in western Iran, which is a major tourist attraction.
Laughter Saturdays

Laughter Saturdays at Tehran subway stations

Images of what is being done to make people laugh underground.
Rainbow of Hope0

Rainbow of Hope (PHOTOS)

Images of the largest water color workshop in the country featuring a 10-by-1 meter image of the capital in water color.
Shapur Cave0

Shapur Cave (PHOTOS)

Images of Shapur Cave located about 6 km from the ancient city of Bishapur in southern Iran.
Naqsh-e Rustam

Naqsh-e Rustam

Images of Naqsh-e Rustam, a representation of Iranian arts, culture and history which dates to back to 1200 BC.
Iran Nature

Iran in Photos: Jashak Salt Dome

Images of Jashak Salt Dome in the southwestern Iranian Province of Bushehr.