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The latest news and views about and statements by the Iranian Foreign Ministry

Iran Summons French Envoy over Macron’s Anti-Islam Stances

Iran Foreign Ministry Submits Periodic Report on Nuclear Deal to Parliament

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has handed over its seventh quarterly report about the multilateral nuclear deal with six world powers to the parliament (Majlis).
Iran Appoints Female Ambassador to Denmark

Iran Responds to Trump’s New Strategy

As the US president is expected to deliver a speech on Friday night and declare the country’s new strategy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, an informed source at the Iranian foreign ministry has outlined the main themes of Tehran’s response to Trump and his country’s new policies.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry, IRGC United against Enemies: Commander

Iran’s Foreign Ministry, IRGC United against Enemies: Commander

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says the IRGC and the Iranian foreign ministry are united in countering the country’s enemies.

Structural Changes in Iran Foreign Ministry; Speculations, Implications

A few days after President Hassan Rouhani’s second term officially began, media reports are saying the Iranian foreign ministry will undergo major structural changes in Rouhani’s new administration, mainly with the aim of strengthening its role in Iran’s economic diplomacy.
Zarif-Diplomatic Documents

Iran’s Foreign Ministry to Declassify Diplomatic Documents

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says historical documents belonging to 30 years ago and classified documents dating back to 40 years ago will be released gradually.
Jaberi Ansari

Iran’s Foreign Ministry appoints new spokesperson

Iran's Foreign Ministry has appointed Sadegh Hossein Jaberi Ansari as a replacement for Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham.
Iran Summons Swiss Envoy over US Accusations

Official Refutes Bahrain’s Allegations against Iran

An informed official at Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected as “baseless” the allegations raised by Manama against Tehran in the wake of a recent Bahraini court ruling which has sentenced 12 men to life in prison for the alleged link with Iran.