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The latest news and views about Iran’s exports to other countries

Good News Awaiting Iran’s Foreign Trade within Two Months

Officials with Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization believe that the next couple of months will be full of good news for the country’s trade with other countries, with four new commercial attachés scheduled to be added to the list of Iranian envoys, and B2B ecommerce sites to be launched to facilitate the country’s trade ties.

Iran Oil Export Up at 1.8 mb/d: NIOC Chief

Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Rokneddin Javadi said that Iran has increased its crude oil export to 1.8 million barrels a day.

Iran exports 7.1mn barrels of oil only in 2 days

Iran has announced that it shipped more than seven million barrels of crude oil in only two days thus setting a new record in the country’s oil exports not seen in several years.

Iran to resume export of hand-woven carpets to US

Head of Iran National Carpet Center Hamid Karegar says the Islamic Republic will resume export of its hand-woven carpets to US in near future.

Iran to switch from gas to power exports

As Iran is preparing for the removal of sanctions and the openings that it will create in various sectors, fresh debates are emerging in the country over the need to devise more efficient energy policies – what is expected to help the country’s economic growth.

Iran can use the knowledge of foreign managers to get into global markets

Industry Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh has said that Iran has set a target of $190b in exports for 2025.

Nuclear accord tastes sweet for Iran citrus

An Agriculture Ministry official says that the market for Iran’s horticultural products has been thriving after the country's nuclear agreement with P5+1.

Iran’s food industries waiting for investment to enter international markets

Since the Iranian food industry is operating at 40 percent of its full capacity, plans to boost food exports seem to be necessary.
kale ghouchi pistachio

Iran Chamber of Commerce official expounds on pistachio production

Iranian and US pistachio output stood at the same level last year, but in the export market, Iran was in the lead, Asgaroladi said.

Foreign gain with Iranian pain

Importers of Iranian products prefer to buy goods in bulk and have them packed to sell them to other countries to make huge profits leaving Iranian producers no share of the profits.