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The latest news and views about herbal medicine in Iran

Iranian Herbal Drug Can Prevent Growth of Breast Cancer Cells

An Iranian researcher says he has managed to prevent the growth of breast cancer cells by producing a drug containing species of a plant genus commonly known as spurge.

Iran, Germany to Expand Cooperation on Medicinal Plants

Iran’s Agriculture Ministry says Tehran and Berlin have agreed to expand their cooperation on medicinal plants.
Farmers in Northern Iran Start Harvesting Borage10

Farmers in Northern Iran Start Harvesting Borage

It has been a month that local farmers in the northern Iranian province of Gilan have started harvesting the medicinal herb borage, which is also known as starflower.

Medicinal Herbs that Change Lives of Diabetics

Before the discovery of insulin and other medications that lower blood sugar levels, medicinal herbs and traditional methods were used to treat diabetics

Miraculous Healing Powers of Ginger

Ginger, a healing plant used in medicine and cooking for centuries, is replete with vitamins A, C and E, and group B vitamins.

What is Bedsore?

The bedsore mostly occurs in people who have to lie in bed in a fixed position for a long time without being able to change their position.

What Foods to Take for Treating Joint Pain

Joint pain is a condition associated with severe pain. It could happen when uric acid levels in the body go up.

Asafoetida: A Wonder of Traditional Medicine

Asafoetida is an important medicinal herb with numerous health benefits. Asafoetida has an umbel inflorescence.

Ginger: A Miracle in Treating Joint and Muscle Pain

Ginger, a plant with many medicinal properties, has been used to treat a large number of diseases and different types of pains such as joint and muscle pain since a long time ago.

Iran Unveils New Medicine for Bedsore Treatment

“New Derm” Bedsore Ointment, an herbal medicine developed by Iranian researchers, reduces the cost of bedsore treatment to one twentieth of the average amount.