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The latest news and views about former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

President Rouhani on hand for opening of subway line (PHOTOS)

Line 3 of the capital's subway is now the longest metro line in the entire Middle East.

Ebtekar: I think President Rouhani knows how to play chess

Iran’s environment chief says she thinks President Rouhani can masterfully play chess because he is a strategy-minded individual.

The 11th government is landscaping Iran’s front yard, not the US...

Sadegh Zibakalam, a political analyst, has said that the Rouhani administration seeks to make friends with its neighbors, instead of strengthening its foothold in the US backyard.

Laylaz: Iran’s economy is not sanctionable (PART TWO)

If we had acted before the economy plunged into this crisis, sanctions would definitely have failed to bite.

Government has Plans A and B for post-nuclear talks era

The government spokesman has said that the Rouhani administration is trying to loosen the noose of unjust sanctions around Iran’s neck and does not let some individuals derail nuclear talks.

Government views nuclear energy and decent lifestyle as inalienable rights of...

The minister of culture and Islamic guidance has stated unlike in the past, the government seeks to create national harmony.

Stand your ground on gasoline decision

Sadegh Zibakalam has asked in a letter to the government spokesman to explain to people the positive results the government decision to raise gasoline prices will produce in the long run.

Is a shakeup in the cards?

Although President Rouhani has a granted half-hearted green-light to a Cabinet shakeup, official news about change has yet to be made public.

Has Iran found the Right Man or a good deal?

Saeed Laylaz, an economist, says the Lausanne agreement can bring about positive results for Iran, but its advantages should not be overblown.

In national security matters, please don’t make noise!

The official news agency rallies behind the moderate approach of the president and his diplomats in interaction with the rest of the world.