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The latest news and views about protection of environment

Muddy artist points up water crisis in Iran

A man in mud, Masoud Nikdel, brings his routine activities to a standstill to artistically say that water crisis is a serious problem in Iran.

Trash pileup lures bears to a campsite

A stack of waste in a mountainous area has lured a mother bear and her cubs to go there to collect food, but environmentalists are concerned about the health of the mammals.

Ranger sets two conditions for forgiving his assailant

A remorseful offender has been forgiven by a park ranger after he promised to give up illegal fishing forever and become an environmentalist.

A man who’s put in a lifetime to clean up the...

An Iranian retiree, who has spent 23 years on protecting the environment, asks people to do something in exchange for the calm they get from the environment.

Science can solve the problem of particles

Iran-based UN Resident Coordinator says Middle Eastern countries should admit that particles pose a grave threat and they need collaborative efforts to solve the environmental problem.

Environment protection and development remain elusive in the absence of peace...

Iran’s environment chief has praised the Lausanne agreement, saying it marked a watershed in the history of international measures to bury the hatchet.

Charity begins at the environment

A bottle cap-collecting campaign in Tabriz helps both the environment and disabled people.

Tehran’s environmental issues are serious but solvable: Mayor

I am ready to turn Tehran into a truly habitable place if I am offered support, said the Tehran Mayor.

A sand cat is set free from trap in northeastern Iran

After the sand cat was freed from the trap and transferred to get medical care, all traps set in the region were ordered destroyed.

Goshawk rescue in Iran (Photos)

The environmental guards in Iran have rescued and treated an injured goshawk in Semnan Province.