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Green Marriage: New Trend in Iran to Protect Environment

It is possible to protect the environment in many ways; however, it needs a strong will and motivation. Such a resolve seems to have been reinforced in Iran in recent years to an extent that environmental protection has even become part of the traditional marriage ceremonies.

Ebtekar Speaks of “Planet” and “Peace” at the Environment, Religion and...

As reported by Ana News and translated by IFP, Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice President and Head of the Environmental Protection Organization, attended a seminar about the interconnection between religions, cultures and the environment on Apr 26. Here are her own remarks on what she saw there, as well as the two speeches she gave to the delegates.

Saving the Earth Needs a Revolution in Environmental Protection

The Head of Department of Environment said a big revolution is needed in dealing with nature and the environment in order to save the earth and mankind.

Recycling​ Park: The Most ​Unique Park in Tehran

The Recycling​ Park here in the Iranian capital is ​made of disposable materials. In this park, statues of animals are built using dry residues​ and waste materials.

Training instead of jail, an unusual sentence for an environment offender

A man who has been convicted of poaching has been sentenced to receiving environment training instead of imprisonment in Golestan Province.

Middle Eastern birds and a lesson for Mr. Trump

Iranian Muslims rush to the help of the environment and the wildlife, but ISIS terrorists seek to use birds as suicide bombers to advance their unholy agenda and spread the reign of terror in the world.

A school for peace, a school for war for children in...

The promise an Iranian father has made to his little girl to stop hunting has caused many in their surroundings to follow suit and respect and love nature.

I made a stand against the killer gasoline and they are...

The environment chief has said that the performance of the government should be analyzed, but that critical comments should be fair, and not one-sided.

Supreme Leader has lent new credibility and weight to the environment

The head of the Environment Protection Organization has said that if the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is implemented properly, Iran will have more cooperation with other nations on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Iranian bride sets construction of waterhole as marriage portion

I decided to ask for the construction of a waterhole in the wilderness as my marriage portion because I blame human activity for the damage caused to animal habitant, the bride says.