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The latest news and views about the military drills of the Iranian Armed Forces

Iran Army to Launch Massive War Games in Southeastern Waters

Iran's Army says is planning to hold large-scale joint military exercises in a vast area along the Makran coastal strip, including the shores of the Sea of Oman, in the country's southern and southeastern regions, a senior commander says.

IRGC Fighter Jet Crashes in Southern Iran; Pilot Killed

A Sukhoi-22 fighter jet belonging to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has crashed in southern Iran near the city of Sarvestan, Fars Province.

Foreign Ambassadors Watch Drills of Iranian Police Forces

Several foreign ambassadors, diplomats, and representatives of international bodies on Wednesday watched the military drills of Iranian police forces in Tehran.

Iran’s War Games Have Nothing to Do with Foreign Threats: Top...

Iran’s top military official says the country’s military exercises are not performed in response to the threats by some countries or in relation to the political issues of the day, saying the country has pre-determined plans for carrying out its war games.

Iran’s Police Conduct Hostage Rescue Exercises

Law Enforcement forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran displayed their hostage-release skills in a counter-terrorism drill in central city of Isfahan on Saturday. Here...