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Study Abroad Programs in Australia for Iranian Students

There are many factors that make some countries better study abroad destinations than others for Iranian students. Australia is one of the most popular destinations with its comprehensive, prestigious universities.

Iranians who study abroad in Australia can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities, including innovative courses as well as cultural experiences and a great quality of life.

The student visa is valid for up to course duration plus two to three months. Students can stay for a whole degree program but need to renew the visa every year. Iranian students can work up to 20 hours per week on their student visa to earn money. They do need to take a medical test before arriving in Australia.

Iranian students should be able to speak English to ensure that they can succeed in their classes and manage their way around Australia. If students do not think that they have a high enough proficiency in English, a number of the universities (such as Monash), offer a pre-university English course that can help foreign students to get on the right track.

API (Academic Programs International)

API offers students the opportunity to study abroad in Australia at Macquarie University in Sydney. The university has a student population of almost 40,000 and over 11,000 of them are international. The campus is located only 15km from the central business district of Sidney which is easily accessible using public transportation.

API students are able to select from a vast range of subjects, including climate science, engineering, anthropology, astronomy, gender studies and international business.

The educational and athletic facilities at the university are excellent and it has the most technologically-advanced private hospital on its campus.

Australia is a warm and welcoming country and Iranian students can learn a lot at one of its universities, both in and out of class.

Study Abroad Program at Murdoch University

The Study Abroad Program at Murdoch University attracts international students from all over the world, including Iranian students, providing them with an unforgettable learning experience. Situated in Perth, Western Australia, it has the advantage of being close to both the city center and nature.

The study abroad program gives students the chance to spend up to two semesters of an undergraduate degree at the university. Iranian students who battle with English may have to use a writing service and pay to write essay.They can choose from many subjects, write assignments and earn transferrable credits.

Students benefit from the student-centered culture and have the chance to expand their horizons beyond academics, experiencing the country and its culture.

CIEE Arts and Sciences in Perth, Australia

Murdoch University has a CIEE Arts and Sciences study abroad program. It appeals to students with an interest in cross-cultural studies, especially those who have an interest in Australia’s culture.

It is also recommended for students of ecology, biological science, marine biology, and the environment. This program attracts many students who enjoy the outdoors, and are interested in for-credit internships.

The CIEE Resident Director offers academic and personal support to students, arranging cultural events, excursions and volunteer opportunities. Students go on various field trips, learning about the diverse environment.

Cultural activities include trips to theaters, museums and art galleries. Many students take advantage of the opportunities for outdoor recreation, participating in surfing and scuba diving.

Study Abroad Programs in Australia for Iranian Students

IES (Institute for the International Education of Students)

IES offers students the opportunity of studying abroad in Australia in the city of Sidney, one of the most livable and beautiful cities in the word. Students can study an array of disciplines at Macquarie University, the University of New South Wales, or the University of Sydney. They can immerse themselves in the academic life and student culture at these universities.

To be considered for a Sydney Abroad program students normally have completed at least a year of study towards a degree at a recognized institution in their home country and be continuing towards a degree.

Students can gain hands-on professional experience through for-credit internship options in fields such as politics, public relations, business, computer sciences, psychology and biomedical sciences.

They understand more about international relations as they relate to other international students living in residential apartments or colleges.

Fields trips to exciting destinations like the Great Barrier Reef are part of the experience. Simply exploring the city offers many exciting cultural experiences – they can visit Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art or watch a performance at the Sydney Opera house or enjoy the relaxed beach-side lifestyle of Bondi Beach.

TEAN: Gold Coast – Bond University

Bond University the first and largest private university in Australia. It’s located on the Gold Coast which is known for its great climate and beaches.

The university is a diverse place to study with about half the staff and students coming from abroad. It also has the lowest student-faculty ratio in Australia ensuring that all students receive individual attention. This highly ranked, modern university has comprehensive course offerings and innovative teaching methods.

Accommodation includes TEAN housing close to campus. TEAN has a 5-day Orientation Excursion where students start off the semester by scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

Students have access to the Gold Coast-based Resident Director and in-country staff of TEAN for guidance and support throughout the semester.

Iranian students are able to fund a Bond University degree in a number of ways. It offers international students part-fee scholarships and bursaries at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

ISA (International Study Abroad)

ISA also offers a study abroad experience at Bond University. All the universities in Australia have different entrance requirements and offer different courses, which also have requirements about what is needed to do the course.

IFSA (Institute for Study Abroad)

IFSA is another organization offering students the opportunity of studying at any one of 17 prestigious universities in Australia. One of these is Monash University in Melbourne which offers interactive classes and cutting edge programs. It is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world.

Australia is also home to top animation schools where students can learn animation and other skills that are in much demand today.

Researchers have found that the UK is coming in third place behind the United States and Australia when it comes to higher education. Australia has been expanding rapidly when it comes to international student numbers and has succeeded in attracting many students from outside Europe. It is marketing itself as an English-speaking country with a welcoming culture for overseas students, an attractive climate and high performing universities.

Final words

Studying abroad in Australia for Iranian students at any one of its prestigious universities is an experience worth pursuing. They offer a comprehensive, high-quality education. And students can experience the excitement of a large university in a metropolitan area or a smaller university where they’re like to get more attention. They can choose one in an urban sophisticated city or in a more laid-back coastal town.

As a multicultural study abroad destination, it is easy for international students to fit in without any cultural shock as such even if you come from a conservative part of the world. Apart from the great educational experience, they can benefit from many cultural activities, outdoor activities and enjoy the natural beauty of the country.

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