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Iran Sends Three Messages by Firing Six Missiles: Analyst

With launching missile strikes on ISIS positions in Syria, Iran has sent a strong message to the world that if London, Paris, Ankara and other major capitals are targeted by ISIS and nothing is made in retaliation, the story is different with Tehran.

Photos of Iran’s General Soleimani in Iraq’s Karbala

New photos have been released showing senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Major General Qassem Soleimani, on a pilgrimage to the holy city of Karbala.
Military Attack on Qatar for Regime Change Not Impossible

Military Attack on Qatar for Regime Change Not Impossible: Analyst

Leading Arab journalist and political analyst Abdel Bari Atwan says a decision by a number of Arab states to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar may herald new development in the Arab world.

Details of GEM TV Owner’s Murder in Istanbul

Speculations have increased after the owner of the Persian-language satellite channel GEM TV was shot dead in his car by unidentified people in Istanbul, Turkey, on Saturday.
Adel al-Jubeir

Saudi FM’s Snap Visit to Iraq Raises Eyebrows

A surprise visit to Iraq by the Saudi foreign minister has raised questions over the top diplomat’s real intention of making such a trip.

Iranian President’s Regional Visits May Backfire

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s recent regional visits pose a dilemma: Whether they are in the interest of Iran and its foreign policies, or merely provide Saudi Arabia and its regional allies with clues about Tehran’s political plans in the region.

Iran’s Missile Test Not a Breach of UNSC Resolution

A careful look at the UNSC Resolution 2231 indicates that Iran’s recent ballistic missile test has definitely not breached any of the resolution’s terms and conditions unlike what Trump administration is trying to convey.

Will Post-9/11 Atmosphere Re-Engulf White House after Pompeo’s Election?

Mike Pompeo was recently declared as Donald Trump's pick to lead the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The election has raised serious questions about the future of US policies.

Israeli Patriot Missiles, Fired at Iranian Drone, Crash into Each Other!

Last week, a couple of Israeli Patriot missiles were fired at an Iranian-made drone flying over the occupied territories, but Yasir drone evaded the missiles, causing them to crash into each other.

BBC Pursues Double-Standard Policy toward Israel Boycott

In a recently-aired program, the Persian-language news channel of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) simply discounted millions of job losses and economic damages caused by sanctions in Iran, and described as immoral the boycott of Israeli products that may cause several thousands of job losses in the far, hazy future.