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Iran Stepping Up Efforts to Save Asiatic Cheetahs

On the eve of the International Cheetah Day marked on December 4, the head of Iran’s Department of Environment (DoE) says efforts are underway to save Asiatic (Iranian) cheetahs through tissue culture, the growth of tissues or cells separate from the organism.

Unique Photos Snapped of Persian Leopards

Mehdi Chalani, an Iranian environmental photographer, has managed to snap some unique pictures of three Persian leopards living in a protected area in the central province of Semnan.

Remnants of 20-Million-Year-Old Elephant Tusks Unearthed in Iran

The remnants of two Proboscidean fossils including two elephant tusks have been unearthed in Iran’s northwestern city of Ardabil, said the General Director of Ardabil’s Department of Environment.

Tabriz Pioneer in Curbing Use of Plastic Bags

The city of Tabriz, a city in the northwestern Iran and the Tourism Capital of Muslim world in 2018, has started an initiative to encourage people to stop using plastic bags.
Iran to Use Drone for Cloud Seeding in Desert Areas

Iran to Use Drone for Cloud Seeding in Desert Areas

Iran plans to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to seed the clouds in the dry province of Yazd for the first time, an Iranian official declared.

Japan Announces Continued Collaboration with Iran in Reviving Lake Urmia

On Tuesday evening, Japan’s charge d'affaires in Iran attended the signing ceremony of the third phase of collaboration with the Representative of the United...

Return of the Flamingo to Lake Urmia after 28 Years

A flamingo chick, which was last spotted and marked in Lake Urmia in 1988, has returned to its birthplace after 28 years – but it almost died due to the misbehaviour of some hunters.

UN says it’s ready to set up environmental database in Iran

An Iran-UN workshop in Tehran reviewed the State of Environment report, with the UN expressing readiness to set up an environment database in Iran.

A memorable lesson from donkeys on an Iranian island

It’s time some humans took a leaf out of a donkey’s book.