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Iran Historical itecture

Regulations governing tourism facilities approved

In the new directive tourism facilities are defined and regulations governing the establishment, operations, rating and supervision of these facilities are specified, Soltanifar said.

Where does tourism stand in Iran’s Sixth Development Plan?

An Iranian official has said Iran needs to tap into the potential of international companies and use joint ventures in the post-sanctions era if it really seeks to revive its tourism sector.
Capital market

Iran’s capital market is to absorb more foreign investment

An Iranian daily has taken a closer look at Iran’s capital market and its dire need for absorbing foreign investment in the post-sanctions era.

Volkswagen on course to replace Peugeot in Iranian market

Iran Khodro has reached the conclusion that in the current conditions, Volkswagen is a better choice for partner and can better help promote the Iranian automotive industry.
Tahmasb Mazaheri

China won’t return Iran’s oil money even after a deal: Former top banker

Under a deal the Ahmadinejad government signed with the Chinese, the Chinese have been entrusted with holding Iran's assets.
oil price

Is $50 per barrel oil in the offing?

An increase in OPEC output, a hike in the number of American oil rigs and Iran's likely production increase contribute to the decline in oil prices.

When diplomacy serves the cause of development (PART FOUR)

Iran's foreign minister has said that the interests of some at home and in the region might be tied to showdown between Iran and the rest of the world; but it has nothing to do with our ideals. 
Mohammad Javad Zarif

When diplomacy serves the cause of development (PART THREE)

FM Zarif has said that we can continue – not extend – the talks until we reach results, adding if no deal is clinched by July 1, it could happen on July second or third, or even later.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

When diplomacy serves the cause of development (PART TWO)

Foreign Minister Zarif has said that Iran has pursued the logical and reasonable way of mutual understanding in nuclear talks and that a settlement seems to be within reach.
Donyaye Eghtesad daily-06-20

When diplomacy serves the cause of development (PART ONE)

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said Iran can reach development by standing on its own two feet, but that does not mean it should sever ties with the rest of the world.