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Kuwaiti Journalist Sentenced to 5 Years in Jail for ‘Insulting’ Riyadh

A criminal court in Kuwait has sentenced a Kuwaiti journalist and activist to five years in prison for ‘publishing insulting pieces against Saudi Arabia.’

“Iran Has Nothing to Do with Yemen’s Missiles”

Iran has once again rejected claims that it is sending arms to Yemen, saying the weapons in Yemenis’ hands are the ones which have existed in garrisons since former governments were in power.

Israel Violated UNSC Resolution on 33-Day War 11,000 Times: Aoun

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said Monday that the Israeli regime has so far violated the UN Security Council resolution 1701 and the Lebanese border 11,000 times.

“Over 3,500 Palestinians Wounded by Israelis in Anti-US Protests”

Around 3,500 Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli forces ever since demonstrations began in protest at the US recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital.

43 Iranian Pilgrims Wounded by Fire in Iraqi Hotel

A blaze that broke out inside a hotel in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf has so far wounded dozens of people, including 43 Iranian pilgrims.

MBC Female Presenter Fired after Criticizing Saudi King

A Jordanian female presenter of MBC TV, a private Saudi Arabian TV channel, has been fired over her latest tweet criticising Saudi Arabian King.
Zeifollah Al-Shami

“Yemen Missile Attack on Abu Dhabi Response to UAE Divisive Plots”

A high-ranking official with Yemen’s Ansarullah movement says the missile fired by Yemenis at Abu Dhabi was a response to the UAE’s efforts to destroy Yemen’s internal front.
Iran Protecting Arba’een Pilgrims with Missile, Radar Systems

Iran Protecting Arba’een Pilgrims with Missile, Radar Systems

An Iranian air defence commander has announced that the flights passing Iran’s airspace during Arba’een would be closely observed using advanced radar systems.
Plane Carrying American Troopers Shot Down in Afghanistan: Taliban

Plane Carrying American Troopers Shot Down in Afghanistan: Taliban

The Afghan insurgent group Taliban claims it has targeted and shot down a military transport airplane carrying tens of American troopers north of Kabul.
Valiollah Seif

Numerous Foreign Investors en Route to Iran: Central Bank

The governor of Iran's Central Bank says a huge number of foreign investors are on their way to Iran due to the consistent policies adopted by the Iranian government to achieve its main economic goals.