Thursday, November 30, 2023

Second Iran-Armenia Business Meeting Kicks Off in Yerevan

The second business meeting of Iranian and Armenian high-tech companies started in Yerevan on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

A delegation of 50 Iranian knowledge-based companies is attending the event with the aim of developing the global market of Iranian-made products and services.

The representatives of the Iranian companies will take part in business-to-business meetings with their Armenian counterparts in order to facilitate a shared business environment between the two countries, helping the export of Iranian knowledge-based products and services to the Eurasian market.

The Armenian market has a great capacity for accepting Iranian knowledge-based and creative companies, and business exchanges with the country can play an effective role in the development of bilateral relations.

Earlier this year, a delegation of Iranian high-tech companies attended the first B2B meeting of Iran and Armenia, and the ongoing event is the second of its kind which is held with the purpose of promoting Tehran-Yerevan collaborations.

The event includes an expert meeting between Iranian companies and 120 Armenian firms operating in different high-tech fields, an expert meeting between 15 Iranian companies and 40 Armenian firms working in the ICT field, and a visit to Armenia’s technology centres and infrastructure.

Some eight million Armenian expatriates live in European countries, the US and Canada, and that provides an ample opportunity and capacity for the implementation of these countries’ technology projects. However, Armenia is not able to do all these projects by itself, and thus tries to use the capacity of other countries in this regard.

A team of Iranian IT companies, especially those working in the field of computer programming, has been formed in the country to expedite the export of Iranian knowledge-based products and services to Armenia and increase the two countries’ joint products.

The companies attending this event operate in the field of information and communication technologies, advanced materials, industrial machinery and equipment, medical equipment, etc.

In this event, 50 knowledge-based and creative companies will accompany Dr. Mahdi Eliasi, the deputy head for policy and development at the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

The Armenian parties participating in the meeting include Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan, Deputy Economy Minister Narek Teryan, the Representative of the Industrial Organization of Armenia, and the Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry.

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