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Sarakhieh Village; The Venice of Iran

Sarakhieh is a unique village in south-western Iran where the daily life flows in the water, just like the Italian city of Venice. 

Sarakhieh is located in the south of Darkhoveyn-Shadegan road in Khuzestan province, south-western Iran.

It lies in the waters of Shadegan International Wetland, the largest series of ponds in Iran with an area of 400,000 hectares, registered globally as an important natural source in the region and the world.

Attractions of Sarakhieh 

Boat Riding  

The most important attraction of Sarakhieh is boating in Shadegan Wetland: you can take wooden boats called “Balam” in local language to explore the village and see the houses and the people.

In the middle of water some pavilions are built for tourists to relax and take local food and bread.

Boating in the pond, you can also visit two other small villages around Sarakhieh, called Hadbeh and Khorousieh (Khorousi).


Fishing is an important occupation among the villagers. If you are a fan of this pastime, you can experience it in Sarakhieh.

A variety of fish such as binni, Mesopotamian himri, porgy fish, and farmed fish live in Shadegan Wetland.

Animal Watching

Buffalos are among prominent species of the region; and a special attraction of Sarakhieh is watching them in herds. 

Other well-known species include wild boar, jungle cat, river otter and Iranian wolf. The bottlenose dolphins live in Shadegan Wetland, too.

Bird Watching

Migrating birds that come to the pond provide an opportunity for bird watching. You can see flamingos, herons, storks, wild geese and ducks in Shadegan Wetland, which is the only birthplace and habitat of Korkori ducks in the world.

Sights of the Village

You can buy a variety of local products, including fresh fish, in the local market of Sarakhieh.

The Wildlife Museum presents the animal species of Shadegan Wetland and provides information about migratory birds and their migration time. 

The mosque of Sarakhieh is interesting for its very simple appearance with no dome or minarets. Made of local materials, the mosque’s walls are covered by reeds.

What follows are Karnaval website’s photos of Sarakhieh village, the Venice of Iran:

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