Friday, September 22, 2023

President Rouhani Urges People to Stay Home during Nowruz Holidays

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has once again called on people to stay home expressing hope that the coronavirus outbreak takes a downward trend with people's cooperation.

Referring to a report by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development about the decreasing trend of trips made by people, Rouhani expressed hope that people pay heed to the sanitary recommendations.

He made the comments during the meeting of the heads of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches with the heads of main committees of the National Headquarters to Fight against Coronavirus.

Rouhani also assigned the Minister of Interior to keep an eye on populated centres in the target provinces.

He said except for the essential centres, including drugstores, and food and other essential stuff outlets, the rest of the markets, malls, and business centres must be closed till April 3.

President Rouhani also stressed that the Ministry of Health should adopt special protocols for all activities of people, including those businesses and manufacturing centres that must work during Nowruz holidays.

“Economic policies have been implemented in two areas: supporting businesses affected by Coronavirus and providing subsidies for the affected households. Affected businesses have a three-month deadline for paying bank installments, social security shares and tax. Those who bounced checks will be given a three-month extension as well.”

He added that some good decisions are being made to provide support packages to families who have been affected largely by lack of fixed pay or certain jobs.

“All organisations are required to provide training and information on health protocols and measures to combat corona disease,” underlined Iran’s president.

During this meeting, the Minister of Health presented a detailed report on the latest situation in the country in face of the spread of coronavirus and the round-the-clock efforts of health centres.

The Minister of Interior also presented a report on the situation in the provinces and the executive plans to deal with the outbreak of the disease at the provincial level as well as the security situation in the country.

During the meeting, the Vice President for Science and Technology also presented a report on the activities of research centres and universities, as well as the moves by specialists to meet the medical needs.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development also presented a report on the reduction of transport in the country on the eve of the New Year with the implementation of policies in this regard.

He also appreciated the good cooperation of the people in implementing the recommendations.

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