Sunday, September 25, 2022

Stray Dogs of Tehran Controlled by Feeding Stations

A plan is set in motion to establish special locations outside the Iranian capital, Tehran, for feeding stray dogs.

The move is aimed at keeping stray dogs from coming into the city, said the head of the job and industry regulatory agency of Tehran Municipality.

Hamidreza Tahsili said neutered dogs make troubles for citizens by returning to cities.

“We have a plan to solve this problem,” he told Fars News Agency.

Stray Dogs of Tehran Controlled by Feeding Stations“A plan got underway today to set up feeding stations for dogs in parks on the outskirts of the city of Tehran,” he said.

“As you know, dogs settle down anywhere they feed, and we are drawing up a plan to feed dogs outside Tehran after they are neutered and released into their habitats there,” he noted.

He added animal supporters, too, can take food to those locations and feed dogs.

“This way, dogs wouldn’t come into the city to find food anymore, which would prevent a repeat of the problems that have already occurred,” said Tahsili.

Stray Dogs of Tehran Controlled by Feeding StationsThe municipality’s move comes as the body had occasionally come under fire for shooting stray dogs after receiving complaints from citizens.

“Last year, six citizens were badly attacked by stray dogs. One of the wounded was even dying,” Tahsili said. Now, he says they are going to be collected from the city, tagged, and released in the social camps.

Stray Dogs of Tehran Controlled by Feeding Stations

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