Excavations uncover ancient gate in Persepolis


Archeologists have discovered an ancient gate in Persepolis in Tale-Ajori.

Excavations have uncovered a great ancient gate in Persepolis in Tale-Ajori.

Alireza Askari Chavardi, the head of Iranian excavation group, said that the archeologists have been working to develop an insight into the functions of the ancient complex in Persepolis during the past 100 years, and present a spatial analysis of coherence and conceptual links in the meaning of polis in the royal construction and the surrounding buildings.


A joint Iranian-Italian expedition explored Tale-Ajori for nearly 50 days in October and November 2013. The expedition was led by Dr. Chavardi, of Shiraz University and Professor Pierre Francesco Caglieri, of Italian University of Bologna, and was financed by provincial office of the Cultural Heritage Organization.


Persepolis was founded by Darius of Achaemenid in 521 BC, and was the dynasty’s political and religious capital up to the decline of the empire in 331 BC.


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