MP: Iran’s petrol stations hacking unveils alarming security breach, calls for govt. accountability

Parviz Mohammadnejad, a member of the Iranian Parliament's Energy Commission, expressed grave concern over the recent petrol station hacking incident, emphasizing the need for accountability within government bodies.

He highlighted the multifaceted nature of the breach, alleging a combination of cyber intrusion and physical intervention by unauthorized individuals.

“The system was disrupted in several ways, with evidence suggesting physical infiltration beyond just cyberspace,” claimed Mohammadnejad. “This breach involved individuals entering the system using deceptive means, exploiting vulnerabilities under the guise of a program or USB stick.”

Expressing dismay at the repeated security lapses, Mohammadnejad stressed the urgency of preventing such incidents in a nation boasting exceptional talent and active organizations.

He called for stringent measures to prevent a recurrence and urged for greater accountability within government entities.

“This breach marks the second instance, which is unacceptable for a country with our caliber of expertise. We must ensure that individuals within government bodies are not allowed to perpetrate such actions effortlessly,” emphasized Mohammadnejad, vowing to intensify efforts to fortify security measures and initiate discussions on robust preventive strategies.

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