Thursday, December 1, 2022

Middle East and Mobility of Students

In recent years, we have seen a greater number of outward going citizens of middle eastern countries. There is not only an outflow of students but also skilled workers that go on to settle in foreign countries depriving the country of much-needed talent.

The recent tightening of immigration norms in the USA and UK will affect the mobility of citizens showing us just how important international politics is determining the number of people moving from one country to the other.

It churns out the best of students ready for the top-level jobs. These people look to move abroad and find a job in Western countries that will pay much higher than their home countries, Governments look to stop this ‘the brain drain’ as it is called which results in a loss of millions to the nations when skilled workers move to other countries.

We know that money and a better standard of living leads people to move on to different countries but why students would want to shift to other countries when it is offering them a standard education and quality. This is the questions that academics and experts debate over to find out.

Parents worked hard and still do to send their child out of the country for educational opportunities. Azra from BestOnlineAssignmentHelp tells us that, “The middle-class wants the best for their child, so they work hard and earn enough money to send their child abroad where they hope to settle him/her.” We still hold on to the idea that living in a Western country will help one live a better life than their home country.

It might work in their favor as the lifestyle does look much better to some people and there are more opportunities than back home. It does not look as appealing to everyone though; Rehana, from PaperDoers shares, “My parents always wanted me to go abroad to study so I went. It was good in the starting but I started missing home soon after. It was too much of a change for me, so I went back home where I can write papers for students and earn a decent amount.”

Governments stance on this is negative and they ask students to study and work in the same country. Though, there is no right or wrong here; it all depends on the choice of people and their idea of living. At a poll in the community of ThanksForTheHelp, 68% students voted in favor of people moving abroad to study or work while the others clearly opposed it.

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